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Crossroads Coffee Beans

My love of coffee roasting began in 2005. University of Southern Maine offered a course in understanding coffee that included a bit of roasting. I took the course with my friend Chris, and we were hooked! I started using an air popcorn popper on the front porch to get that fresh coffee taste. As I gained more experience, I moved up to a small drum roaster that could yield about a half pound and continued to create "porch roasted" coffee for my family, and our church. People liked what they tasted, and began to ask if they could place their own orders. And so it began.


At church I became known as the “Minister of Coffee,” and educated the group on different roasts and the origins from which the beans came. The demand for more coffee from church members and co-workers caused me to step things up a bit and I realized that this hobby had the potential to become a fun business. With the support of my partner and wife, Ann, we bought a 3kg roaster from Chris – Though I’m now off the front porch, I still roast small batches of coffee from all over the world, and continue to educate those who purchase our beans. My goal is to stay small and give my customers the attention they deserve. By staying small, I stay hungry and on top of everything. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and the chance to earn your business.

Steve Arsenault, Owner
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